International Goth Club Listing
Albion Batcave (NYC, NY)
Alchemy (Washington, DC)
Bar Sinister (Los Angeles, CA)
Bound Hartford (Hartford, CT)
The Castle (St. Pete, FL)
Ceremony (Pittsburgh, PA)
Ceremony (Boston, MA)
The Chamber (Cleveland, OH)
The Church (Dallas, TX)
DNA Lounge (San Francisco, CA)
The Factory (Columbus, OH)
Club Inferno (Madison, WI)
The Kitchen (Miami, FL)
Leland City Club (Detroit, MI)
Manray Nightclub (Boston, MA)
Middle East Nightclub (Boston, MA)
Nation Nightclub (Washington, DC)
930 Club (Washington, DC)
Nocturna (Chicago, IL)
Onyx (Denver, CO)
Perversion (Los Angeles, CA)
QXT's (Newark, NJ)
Revelations (Norfolk, VA)
Sin (Miami, FL)
Sin Thursday (Trenton, NJ)
Slimelight UK (London, England)
Shock Therapy (Philadelphia, PA)
Taboo (Baltimore, MD)
Therapy (San Diego, CA)

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