VULTURES (J. Sevanick) There's no right, there is no wrong Just different ways to come undone Along the way to deviation Anticipating oblivion Hold me back, just let me go You know I can't take much more All this time spent grinding teeth And all this time spent keeping score Someone's going to cast the first stone It helps them sleep better at night Heads are buried deep in sand While overhead the vultures fly So many die, so many live Just going through the motions Don't pretend everything's fine While overhead the vultures fly Vultures are out tonight They've got their hidden agendas But we can't relax (into oblivion) No we can't surrender Entrenched in commerce And Hollywood flare Brought down by vultures Cause no one cares STARS & STRIPES & SATELLITES (J. Sevanick) Reaching for the sky Punch through the atmosphere With our satellites Still some things remain unclear Stars & stripes & satellites We're rolling over rolling hills Is this the right way we are heading Or is it all uncertain still We will pierce the sky Punch through the atmosphere For some answers why Still some things remain unclear And how we work so hard Trying to save our hearts Our souls and our love And our lives as they come apart Finding loopholes, supersize There's too much overanalyzed Building fronts and hiding scabs Our hearts will bleed cause words will stab Stars and stripes and satellites We're making waves and thinking twice Collapse into infinity And manifesting destiny DESCENT (Our Way Down) (J. Sevanick) Puppets on a string Tangled in the lines Dancing for some plastic gods Happy but so blind On our way down You ruin everything You say that we'll do whatever Cause we'll live forever You're killing me You're killing everything You say tomorrow means nothing That I'm missing something Well you're just like me You ruin everything We buzz around like flies Laying eggs on shit We have come so far so fast Something's got to give SO MUCH FOR SALVATION (J. Sevanick) Was it hard to decide Or was there something else On your mind So you forgot one day I just thought you might come back our way Why did you have to go We're left to fend for ourselves Now alone Always in disarray I guess it's always that way Down here Don't get me wrong and I understand that You had some better things to do But your good intentions Come across more as A bad idea on the loose I guess we shouldn't wait for you We'll just stumble on alone Cause we don't need your help We can ruin things on our own INCUBATION (J. Sevanick) Another promise sinking A fleeting thought Twist the knife slowly It's almost done I don't want to get down On my knees today After all this time Do I still have to beg Must be another way... Bleed Suck Plead I'll never crawl Is this what you love Is this what you want Put your blindfold on and sing along ALL THESE YEARS (John Boese) One day a man with his life in his hands dishonors himself for a dime I managed a look but that's all I could Cause I don't have the time Seeing myself and feeling my wealth controls my mind One man's dead, one day is gone What's next for all mankind I blindly stare around alot I can't feel anything, anything at All these years, to see where I began I didn't know, guess I'll never understand Twenty years gone it didn't take long And still I don't even care Razed and bred, put thoughts in my head To take away the fear Woke up one night, screaming with fright Afraid of what I'd hear Ghosts in the streets, old, broken, and beat Telling me I'm near PLAYTHING (J. Sevanick, Ernie Zappacosta) Birth Grinding Slight displeasure Coiled up on the inside Pain Consuming me All I can think about Can't accomplish anything I should have learned Not a thing is changed I should have learned Not a thing is ever changed Hey Fuck off Leave me alone, just let me go Don't you bother me again You'll never get away You'll never be the same I get what I want I always get my way No one will care Love was forgot Just one more time And then we can stop Hey there plaything Maybe we could die today I know it doesn't sound like fun But at least it would be an escape Hey there plaything You know it's alright with me So you don't want to be alone tonight But in giving I hope to receive MERE PAWN (Mike Leskowitz, J. Sevanick) Chewed through a hole And borred deep inside Colored your life In chaotic designs Fever pitch planning And just getting by Praying for crumbs To fall from the sky You were the seed, you had it all Thought you were invincible You're under an iron hand Part of a master plan You'll just rise and fall Just another mere pawn CANDYTHOUGHTS (Paul Green) Did I ever have candythoughts? Play with ribbons and believe in things? Did I ever believe there was a Santa Claus? I sure as fuck never believed in the Easter Bunny I think I respected the Tooth Fairy Like a cat burglar swiping my teeth from under my pillow and leaving a quarter as a calling card I'd do it if I could... make jewelry out of teeth It's fucking cold CONTAMINATED (J. Sevanick) When I grow up I wanna be just like you Afflicted with traditions And social truths When I grow up I wanna be just like you Locked into a lifestyle That I didn't choose I never I never dreamed of this I never Thought it'd come to this And the chances The chances that I missed They're leading Me to my slow eclipse Contaminated Contaminated Contaminate RAT RACE (J. Sevanick) I have that sick feeling I have an empty heart again And the world just stumbles along I can't resist, but I can't give in So far, so way off course Hope for the best expect the worst The big picture's invalid now Because it's the little things that hurt Now, wanting to believe you tried Does it matter if we close our eyes Sugar-coat, disguise the taste More like rust than a golden age Pointing fingers, twisting knives Hellbent on that dollarsign Still behind, can't keep the pace Just lose your mind in the rat race Eyes fixed on merchandise They're getting in line for the sale Those sheep that meat market It makes no sense and I feel like hell Just keep them pacified Dangling carrots in my face But I don't want a consolation prize For a game I didn't even want to play STRAINED (J. Sevanick) The blood has dried the time has past We're not devices built to last But somehow, someway, we just keep going So frayed, so strained, crushed By the weight of the world But somehow, someway, I just keep going Like tore-up ragged toys That stitches couldn't mend I don't think we'll break But we'll surely bend Each day, burn out, feeling strained Each night spent looking for escape All the madness just won't go away Your voice, a hollow echo From a distant yesterday Pull me into obsolescence Push me to depravity And my mind's on fire Overwhelmed and distending Sedated by your essence Lulled into complacency

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