CANAAN So enticed by the incentives Inside all broken and defensive Glorifying the human pace As if there's some destination For our supposed sublimation Our delusions lead the way No promised land No Canaan found in our ascension No answers found in our progression I'm having trouble seeing the importance A fragile front masks our ignorance Maybe tomorrow it will be OK I've heard that before And it sounds like madness Tomorrow is gone, we almost had it But egos got in the way SO MUCH FOR SALVATION (Spektral Groove Mix) Was it hard to decide? Or was there something else? So you forgot one day, I just thought you might come back Why did you have to go? We're left to fend for ourselves Always in disarray I guess it's always that way I guess we shouldn't wait for you We'll just stumble on alone Cause we don't need your help We can ruin things on our own EIGHT TIMES Eight times I've slipped into the ether Eight times I've hung on the wall Eight times I've disappeared Eight times I've come alive SINGULAR Fabricate identities of individuality But we are not We are just reflections It took so long to see To deconstruct the fallacy Disengage from the self-deceptions Singular Singular We are connected, we are singular Singular Singular We are connected, we are singular This is more than humanity We're only forms of energy In a multitude of interconnections Expanding complexity We must counter our entropy Intergrate and start a new direction Singular Singular We are connected, we are singular Singular Singular We are connected, we are singular THIS IS THE LAST TIME I've got some bad news Somebody's gotta lose There'll be some bad blood Now look who's winning And look who's won And everything I do Is for a lack of anything better to And everything I've done Might be for nothing But you might be wrong There is no way it "could be" No way it "should have been" Only reality There is only the way it is And no thanks to you You gave me nothing else to choose And no thanks to you You've always got something to prove This is the last time This is the last time This is the last time You make me feel empty This is the last time... INCUBATION (Waltz Mix) Another promise now sinking a fleeting thought Come on twist the knife slowly it's almost done I don't want to get down on my knees today After all this time there's got to be another way Is this what you love? Is this what you want? Put your blindfold on And then sing along Bleed, Suck, Plead... (I'll never crawl) IF NOT NOW, WHEN? I have nothing left to say to you I have no words left to waste on you I only hope you get what you deserve Stuck in circles and we're spinning wheels We're posturing, all smoke and mirrors I think that, now, it's time to strike a nerve If not now, when? Sycophants and egoists Too bad there's nothing more to this Racing towards a point of no return Now there's nothing left to say I can't help but laugh, I cannot wait I'm going to stand back now and watch it burn If not now, when? MOMENTUM With egos swelled, our minds are spent So fixed on our entitlements Yet we deserve nothing after all An imminent system collapse We've reached a point of no turning back We can't keep on pretending nothing's wrong Nothing can stop our momentum The self-inflictions we've endured But we can't stop begging for more Oscillate between a rise and fall The forces of a thousand years We'll close our eyes and disappear Constructing myths to make sense of it all

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