PRODIGY I just feel like thinking today I don't want to talk to much it's hard to explain sometimes I am a machine sometimes I am a man sometimes I'm just a little wave of a big chaotic plan time for the self, time for the strength all sense aside, what is belief time for the self, time for the strength it won't decay, it's a prodigy sometimes I'm a machine sometimes I am a man sometimes I know just who I am sometimes I control, sometimes I'm in shreds sometimes I know but I'm wrong again ABOUT TO BREAK full of emotions, I've never had... I don't feel angry, I just don't feel at all I could manipulate I could twist, I could trick You let me get away with it all these experiences I've had do they only exist in my mind? do they reveal? do they conceal? there's no time left to heal it seems we're near the end can I see you again, I am fraid we're so near the end I've learned so much from you it doesn't matter who's right or wrong there's no difference between give and take I saw the world about to explode and I, myself, was about to break VISION no one told us, we were too young to defend ourselves spoon fed with visions in several years, create belief create some hope, create the fear that we might not succeed we might not fit in, we think we're free we're just the visions and the voices that made us who we are our future held, in fractured hands a fairy tale of failing plans meaning to see, can't see a meaning trip the gears in search of feelings I can't show you the world but I can show you mine REGRETS I am so young, I am so wild I'll fight today tomorrow's just a step away I'll raise my voice I'll scream at the sky we all need freed, we all need to die don't throw it away when you look back what do you want to see? blindfolded and on your knees in a search for some identity you can't give up so easily don't ever give up, fuck the machine THE SILENCE you said everything is o.k. yet everything has me so afraid living is a bent memory fading in time increasingly as we drink and drive and die and kiss and cry, and dance and play and rust away tears stay on the inside - alone millions so alone tears stay, on the inside - alone tears can't be heard anymore OPEN UP (we flow out into the world trying to understand the beautiful midnight sky reflected in your eyes I've seen evertything - all of you my senses numbed but I want you more evil innocence, kiss me once before I leave this ugly world face to face, we play and pretend nothing is there, make me scared) and you smile, and you look at me like you've never seen me before and you watch me fall I turn my thoughts to you I sink and I twitch I have tried to open up why do we act like this? DAYS OF BREAD AND CIRCUS we're moving so fast I don't wanna stop I was always going to change the world I've always cared a lot I used to think, but now I don't I used to feel, but now I won't there's so much shit coming straight for me I'll let it hit, if it has a need tomorrow, again, a new best friend tomorrow, again, will take me away I can't ponder thoughts I just wanna breathe I just wanna drift off now's not the time for analysis I just wanna sit back, I just wanna exist ...and it will happen again and again today is no different than the days of... there will come a day when we lose faith in our cars, our televisions, and ourselves THE CURB I need my head to shake or nod my voice to whisper with I need to hurt, I need a god my hands to make a fist I was hoping that you'd come to save me I was told that you once cared I never want to find the answers I never want to have to share I want it all, I need it all I'm part of it all, I hate it all it doesn't have to be like this it doesn't have to be this way against the gods REMNANT I looked at you, but you turned away I have to put up with you and you have to put up with me I feel so wired, but I'll be o.k., for now 'cause you made me forget who I was today and I still blame myself, 'cause you I still feel you all over me I'm someone else you have this thing, you have control I'm slipping further, so far I've never known THE STRONGER here have some sex, here have a drink we're so alive, we're so distinct I've lost some friends, I've lost some hope we've lost ourselves, but still we cope we've lost our faith in society nothing is what it seems but through all this, and still we live the pillars will hold until the stronger give are we above? are we conscious, yet? we cannot love what we can't affect fall from the sky into the sea stand at the bottom and grow with me I'm getting stronger, I'm still alive DESERT WIND trapped within these walls this thick layered prison called the skin I never asked to be this man but maybe I did maybe I missed my only chance to be... it seems I'll never know just what I could have been but who cares? and maybe I choose to not even try, I'm born to lose my thoughts, go floating in the air my feet won't take me anywhere I think I lost my head somewhere along the way maybe the wind could make me spin maybe it's time to start all over again Special thanks to: Mike Ewall, Koa Beam, Dave Kendall, Brian Lipsett, Jeff McCamley, Jizznosh, Doug, Ernie, Mike and Linda, Addie, Phil, Matt, Pat, The Young Ones, everyone else who has helped and supported us, and to all those who work to make a difference

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