TRON Legacy Mindless Faith Mix now on youtube

Jan 10 2011

TRON Legacy Theme aka Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed (Mindless Faith Mix)

Mindless Faith's remix (v14) of TRON Legacy Theme aka Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed. This unofficial remix was done with just the trailers released online (not best quality) and didn't have the individual tracks like a real remix. This v14 sounds a little less muddy than mix 12 but still not as good as our real remixes.

     MINDLESS FAITH in NYC w/ E-Craft Mar 12th!

Jan 10 2011


Saturday March 12th 2011 at REBEL (Formerly 'Downtime')


Order tickets via Eventbrite

     MINDLESS FAITH in LA at Bar Sinister Mar 5th!

Jan 08 2011

Mindless Faith finally returns to perform at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, California.

     MINDLESS FAITH remix TRON Legacy/Daft Punk

Dec 24 2010

Mindless Faith's unofficial remix v12, now with better quality original song (by Daft Punk) and hence better mix. This unofficial remix was done with just the trailers released online (not best quality) and didn't have the individual tracks like a real remix.

Remix took over 50hours of unpaid work, guess its our xmas gift to the world, enjoy.

     MINDLESS FAITH remixes Front Line Assembly

Oct 01 2010

While over in Holland, Mindless Faith were asked to remix Front Line Assembly. The MF remix is track 3 on the new FLA Angriff single, currently a tour exclusive, more at FLA's website:

     Velvet Acid Christ interviews Mindless Faith

Jun 11 2010

I think this never got posted VAC interviews MF

and maybe this too MF remix of VAC

     MF project Grains of Sound release new album!

May 20 2010

MINDLESS FAITH side project GRAINS OF SOUND release new triple album

~ Sine Lanaguage ~ on AlterCulture Records

Grains of Sound Sine Language 3CDset


May 20 2010

     MINDLESS FAITH live in Holland at GOTHICFEST!

May 18 2010

MINDLESS FAITH returns to Holland, July 30th, 2010!!!

This time opening for Skinny Puppy and Das Ich at GOTHICFEST!

Unlike many other summer Euro festivals, this one is not outside in
the heat and the sun! No, this one is inside and air conditioned!!!

The dark electronic music Gothicfest is a new festival for those who
appreciate dark electronic music. Held for the first time on July 30th
at De Meenthe in Steenwijk, the Netherlands it will host a line-up
featuring Skinny Puppy, Das Ich, Mindless Faith, Destroid, Angelspit,
Dismantled, We Got This Far, Misery and The Chaos Industry. DJ-ing
will be DJ X-X-X, known from the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht,
and DJ Hidden. In addition to the bands, there will be a
cyber-electro-gothic market at Gothicfest. There will also be a relax
room, to catch your breath in between bands. Mindless Faith's side
project Grains of Sound is the first act confirmed to spin in the
chillout room.

Side-Line has 5 tickets to give away for this event! Send a mail to
info at side-line dot com by Friday May 21st with subject "Gothicfest
give-away" with your full name. They will pick 5 lucky winners by
Monday May 24th.

And even if you don't win, tickets are only 30 Euros! Hotel, travel
info, full lineup and more is available at

Come see Mindless Faith play their largest show ever!

Several friends have already said they are going, its going to be
quite a party!

Until next time,
Mindless Faith


May 24 2009


- new Mindless Faith live music video for I'm Pretty Much Fucked
- new LIMITED EDITION Medication for the Misinformed tour posters

MINDLESS FAITH live music video for I'm Pretty Much Fucked!

(after you click play, click the HQ button for high quality)

Filmed in Utrecht, Holland, by Paul Phillip Green

Feel free to comment and to post around the internet!

Thanks to Kees (Cybercase), dancers Melanie and Jenny
and everyone else in Holland. It was a blast!


We'd like to mention a credit we forgot on the Darkhall video.

Corey Appleby shot the footage of Rod1Love as credited in the CD
liner notes.


MINDLESS FAITH - Medication for the Misinformed tour posters!

Poster was designed by Chris Hopewell at Jacknife

Each was hand screen printed on heavy quality paper

LIMITED to 125, each is numbered and signed by designer

Were sold on Holland tour, now available from our site

Looks cool under black light too!

Until next time, Mindless Faith


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