Mar 03 2009


- Mindless Faith remixes of Interface and XP8 released
- new Mindless Faith youtube channel and music video for Darkhall!
- photos from shows in Holland posted at


Interface - Destination (Mindless Faith Remix) is out now on two CDs!

-Cryonica - Tanz V. 5 which has some great tracks among the two CDs!

-and Interface's own Destination Focus EP (Nilaihah Records) also great!

XP8 -Dreamt Of Blue (Mindless Faith Remix) is out on the compilation

Advanced Electronics Vol. 6 (Sympathetic Symphony), two CDs plus DVD!


new MINDLESS FAITH youtube channel and new music video!

(after you click play, click the HQ button for high quality)

Featuring the new video for Darkhall, by Paul Phillip Green

Feel free to leave a comment and to post around the internet!

Thanks to Naimah (dancer) and of course Rod 1 Love!

Unfortunately, guest vocalist Kim Dylla (of This Means You)
was in Europe at the time of the shoot.



Thanks to Kees (Cybercase) and everyone else who helped out and came out to the the shows in Holland. We had a great time and glad you did too!

A video is forthcoming, in the meantime check out the photos: and at

Until next time,
Mindless Faith


Sep 24 2008


- M/F Live in Europe, first shows since 2006 Pig Tour!
- Remixes released - Mindless Faith and Third Realm

Before we get to that, we want to give you a quick look at the way it
is from the inside, as opposed to the way it appears from the outside.
Since we just tell you the good stuff, you have an incomplete view of
how things really are.

We'd also like to send a sincere thanks to the people who bought a
copy of our latest album, "Medication for the Misinformed" and prior
CDs. It's only through your support that we've kept going.

But the reality is that we're "pretty much fucked." Like most bands,
we just try to put together music that resonates with us and anyone
who cares to listen. Like most bands, we've always plugged away at
day jobs to fund our night job. And like most bands, our sales are
in the toilet. There is no big-time studio. There is no team of
producers, lawyers, and the like. There are no profits, just a small
DiY operation trying to break even. But unfortunately, we have still
lost thousands of dollars over the last 12 years.

We've had some accomplishments through the years, but the majority
were nothing more than hollow victories. We're not sure what the
future holds. We're trying to keep going but it keeps getting harder
to do so.

We understand that these days, financial troubles are more common.
But if you enjoy our music, please consider supporting our efforts.
Due to the state of the economy we are offering a "BAILOUT BANDS NOT
BANKS" discount. From now until Oct 1st, you can order "Medication for the Misinformed" directly from us for only 10USD

go to

**Note - this offer is only through our website. CDs and mp3's are
also available as usual at most retailers, including CDBaby,, (Metropolis),, and many more.


Mindless Faith - Live in Holland (first shows ever in Europe!!)

Fri Oct 3 - Utrecht, Holland - CYBERIA at Tivoli

Sat Oct 4 - Alkmarr, Holland - PSYGOTHIC PARTY at Parkhof

Sincere thanks to DJ -X-X-X- of CYBERCASE for booking us! We didn't
get to play at this year's Republican National Convention, but we're
glad to get Holland instead. :-)

Also, after, Exeris will be in Berlin Oct 7 thru the 12th, if anyone
wants to do an interview, needs a DJ or VJ, knows of any good parties
happening, or has an extra bed, get in touch!


Explanation for lack of shows for the last two years:

You may have noticed that we haven't performed live since the 2006
tour with Pig. They were cool people to hang out with, no problems at
all with them personally. Pig also did not do the industry practice
of making the opening band sound worse on purpose, and even told the
club, so that we got the same good sound and lights as Pig.

But after the first show in Florida, Pig told us they couldn't pay us
what they promised. Being in Florida, miles away from home with no
way back, we reluctantly agreed to a lesser amount to keep the tour
going. When the tour finally disintegrated, they split without paying
us for 3 of the 4 weeks. We have tried to get paid by Pig, but no
response. Various bullshit has been all too common with live shows,
not just Pig. Which is why such a sincere thanks to DJ -X-X-X- of
CYBERCASE for, doing everything he has said he would so far.


Mindless Faith - I'm Pretty Much Fucked (Strip't Mix) on:

Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild compilation CD

Loaded with heavy electronic rock, electro dance floor beats, crushing
guitar riffs and hard drum n bass!

also direct from us -



Forsaken [Mindless Faith remix] appears on THIRD REALM's album 'Under
the Black Light' A great CD, take a listen at their myspace profile!

Until next time,
Mindless Faith

     NYC - Sat 2/23 - CD release party at Pyramid

Feb 23 2008

CD release party with DJ Exeris of Mindless Faith!

Sat. Feb 23 - New York, NY - Asylum Guild at The Pyramid

10pm-4am, 21+, before 11pm! Well Drinks Until 12!


Jan 25 2008


-more reviews praising Medication for the Misinformed
-new album forsale on Itunes and other usual spots
-new songs posted to myspace and vampirefreaks profiles

POSTPONED! Sat Jan 26 - NYC - Asylum Guild at Pyramid
(Sorry but this release party has been postponed to Feb.)



The new album "Medication for the Misinformed" is now forsale on Itunes

as well as Metropolis, DSBP, CDBaby and most of the usual places.

However the only place to get T-shirts is direct from us via our
website and at Drytear in Baltimore.


TOP 12 ALBUM OF 2007:

Medication for the Misinformed is named one of
Top 12 Albums of 2007 by Plastiksickness!



"an edgy, well produced heavyweight with engaging lyrics, captivating
synthscapes, and a diverse yet familiar finish"
4.5 out of 5 -

"the second best industrial release of the year"

From raucous and demanding to brittle corners of introspection, this
album is addictive, different, and is certainly a must-have for this
8/9 -

A big recommendation!!!
9 out of 10 -
(Note this is a good thorough review, and one of the few that explains:
'Darkhall' because of its rhythmic structure which is pretty unusual
for an industrial track but typical for a style called 'Dancehall'
which is a more electronic form of reggae.)

"this album needs at least a few spins more than usual, because the
stuff and content doesn't come out that accessible as expected. The
patient listener will rewarded with a thick and layered sounding
Electro/Metal-Crossover-album, which has its own charisma."
3.5 out of 5 -

"this is a smart, well-produced album that offers an intense listening
experience and some definite dance floor grooves."
8 out of 10 -

"this is a splashing album with heavy EBM and rock, packed into quite
catchy tunes with many layers of sound, which connects the band to the
sound of top industrial bands from the 90's such as Front Line
9 out of 10 -

in russian

Until next time,
Mindless Faith


Nov 15 2007


-Release party at QXT's in NJ with DJ Exeris of MF!
-CD's now for sale thru CDBaby, DSBP, & Metropolis!
-Quotes of praise from the European press!

is now for sale thru DSBP and Metropolis!

And both CD and MP3 formats are for sale thru CDBaby!

For links to all of these go to:


CD Release party with DJ Exeris of Mindless Faith!

Sat. Nov 17 - Newark, NJ at QXT's

10 pm - 3 am, 18+ event, Woman 21+ FREE Before 11pm

OFF WITH FLYER and Drink Specials 'til 10:30 pm

CD Release parties without DJ Exeris:

Sun. Nov 18 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Upstage Nation at The Smiling Moose
9pm-2am, 21+, no cover!, 1306 E Carson St.

Wed. Dec 5 - Mt. Pleasant, MI at Dark Wave Lounge, details coming soon

Links and full details available as always at

Thank you to all the promoters hosting release parties, DJ spinning
us, and all of those who have purchased our album be it CD or MP3!



"Album of the Month"
"An extremely diverse affair with an apocalyptic flair. 'Medication
For The Misinformed" is a well-produced, varied and captivating work,
which can and should be listened to from start to finish. A must-buy
for fans of electro-guitar crossover." - Zillo Magazine

"Newcomer of the Month"
"... the Americans thoroughly dust off the coffer of electro and
present with their latest work not the usual fare but a pile of
multi-faceted compositions that will get many an electro fan's blood
pumping." - Orkus Magazine

"Beautiful, forbiddingly menacing and nasty. Catchy and cross-grained.
This release finds the US trio playing with the full range of musical
expression. A candid style and an acute sense for how to craft a song
from a conglomeration of sound makes 'Medication For The Misinformed'
an outstanding album. 9/10" - Gothic Magazine

"... hard, icey, and deeply cynical lyrics, packaged in cutting edge,
invidious industrial. 'Medication For The Misinformed' is an excellent
work, hard, intelligent, and enthralling in typical American
Industrial style, and one which is sure to win the hearts of the
fans." -

" is a band clearly on their way to the top. If this album
isn't a massive hit with the hard electro crowd, the end is truly
nigh." -

"THE modern sound of Elektro/Industrial-Crossover! The new album
rocks!" -

Thanks Europe!

USA where are you?

Until next time,
Mindless Faith

     Copy and Paste this all over the web [evil laugh]

Nov 03 2007

Right click on the text in the box below and choose "select all"

then copy and paste on myspace, websites, forums, etc!

      MINDLESS FAITH news update Oct 2007

Oct 27 2007

MINDLESS FAITH news update Oct 2007

-new CD now available outside of North America
-quotes from first few reviews of the new CD
-release parties with DJing by Mindless Faith

Release parties with Mindless Faith DJ sets by:

DJ Mindcage on Fri Oct 26 2007
Washington DC - Submerge @ Club Expo, go now!

DJ Exeris on Sat Oct 27 2007
Baltimore - Rapture1 @ Club Orpheus, ladies free til 10!

We will have CD's and T-shirts for sale!

Both parties 18 and over, so come out!


Reviews (first two translated with Babelfish):

"'Medication For The Misinformed' is a outstanding, hard, intelligent
and very exciting work" -

"the most impressive Electro Industrial import in years" -

"a musical shot in the arm, all power, fury, and drive: the only
medication you need!" -


now available outside of North America on Dependent!

Help make this album reach number one on the DAC!

It is available at various retailers and here:

Want to buy our CD or MP3 in the US? then go here and order


NO STORES HAVE THE CD YET! (Probably 2-3 weeks)

And Itunes won't be selling it for 2-3 months.



Until next time,
Mindless Faith

     Announcing new MINDLESS FAITH CD

Oct 04 2007


US release October 16, 2007
EU release October 26, 2007


In the shadows of Washington DC and its criminal regime, Mindless Faith returns with Medication for the Misinformed - a lethal dose of dark electronics and industrial anthems, laced with heavy beats and charged vocals. After years of war and campaigns of misinformation, it is still politics as usual in the "land of the free". The media is still for sale and the citizen-consumers are still prey to the trappings of pop opiate of the masses who don't even realize they're addicts. But the images on the screen are only a placebo, if not a poison.

Against this mindless status quo, Medication for the Misinformed is a musical shot in the arm and a socially-provocative slap in the face. says the sound is "all power, fury, and drive," even when elements of world music, ambient, and trance are fused into the industrial-strength mix of noise, distorted synths, and abrasive guitars. To the extent that such diversity crossed into schizophrenia on previous releases, Mindless Faith have worked these different elements into a cohesive framework and trademark sound on Medication for the Misinformed. Reviews are starting to come in, especially in the German magazines where Medication for the Misinformed has been called "a varied and thrilling piece of work which you should listen through from beginning to end" (Zillo) and "a perfect mix of power and atmospheric tightness and the most impressive Electro-Industrial import in years. (Negatief)

Mindless Faith's third full length CD, Momentum, was released in 2004 to North America on Metropolis Records and in Europe on Dependent Records, where it debuted at #7 on the DAC German Alternative Charts. Mindless Faith also released two prior albums, The Silence and Manifest Destiny, both on their own label AlterCulture Records. Their music has also been featured on over 20 compilations, MTV's reality shows "Road Rules" and "The Real World", and on the X-box 360 video game, "Project Gotham Racing 3".

Mindless Faith toured the United States in 2006 with Pig, in addition to performances throughout the years with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Bella Morte, Hanzel und Gretyl, Asche, and many, many others. And thanks to their blistering remix of the Nine Inch Nails track "Only", Mindless Faith won remix contests in four cities and was invited backstage to meet Trent Reznor and crew during the NIN tour in November 2005.

Pre-orders are now being accepted. In North America, Medication for the Misinformed can be ordered directly through Mindless Faith at their own AlterCulture Records online store ( The CD will also be carried by other retailers and distributed primarily by Metropolis Records. Outside of North America, Medication for the Misinformed will be available through Dependent Records (

Release parties with Mindless Faith DJ sets have already been booked in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington DC, with more to follow. Details will be emailed and posted online. Any promoters interested in booking should go to the CONTACT section of the Mindless Faith website.

AlterCulture Records Merchandise webpage

Dependent Records website

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Sep 29 2007

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     (MF side-project) GRAINS OF SOUND debut CD's

Jul 23 2007

AlterCulture Records announces the release of two debut CD's from Mindless Faith's ambient chillout side-project, Grains of Sound:

"Rays of Life Vol. 1 Down" and "Vol. 2 Under"


"Rays of Life Vol. 1 Down" contains 10 downtempo tracks in the vein of Mindless Faith's slower tracks while "Rays of Life Vol. 2 Under" contains 11 ambient tracks in the vein of Mindless Faith's rare ambient tracks.

Both CD's are currently available for sale at and will be available through other outlets in the coming weeks, and iTunes, etc. in the coming months.

AlterCulture started as a label for Mindless Faith to release their music on their own but eventually signed other artists as well. The label closed down once Mindless Faith decided to sign with Metropolis and Dependent. But now with the release of Mindless Faith's side-project Grains of Sound and the new Mindless Faith CD in Sept, AlterCulture has been revived.


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