Rest of tour with PIG cancelled

Jun 30 2006

The remaining dates of our US tour with PIG have been cancelled.

Here is the official statement from PIG.

     PIG tour flyer

May 26 2006

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     MINDLESS FAITH April news 2006

Apr 07 2006

- Mindless Faith go on national tour with PIG!
- MF live in Charlottesville, VA this Sat. April 8th!
- completion of 2 full cds by our chillout projects

MINDLESS FAITH on tour with PIG for 7 weeks starting June 5th!

PIG, MF and Digital Mindy, dates are confirming NOW.

We've rocked the Northeast, the Mid-West and West Coast, but now
we'll be blazing thru a town near you! Want to ensure we come
to your city? Well make some noise! Tell your local promoter

you want them to book the tour! Ask DJ's to spin MF, tell your
friends about MF, you get idea.


Apr 08 2006
Charlottesville, VA
at The Dawing
with hERETICS iN tHE lAB
all ages, for 21+, for <21


We have completed 2 full length CD's for our chillout projects!

Grains of Sound (downtempo) and Low Earth Orbit (ambient)

And we are mailing both off to record labels this week!

check out

(If you know any labels who might be interested, email us).

     MINDLESS FAITH news update Feb 2006

Feb 21 2006

- Mindless Faith live with the Thrill Kill Kult (2/23 in DC)
- Mindless Faith's "Singular" on the X-box 360 game PGR 3
- free mp3 remixes of Salvation in memorium of Chris Muzykant
- NIN Only (Mindless Faith mix) back online new url


Currently, there's a lot going on in the studio as we're putting
together the tracks for a new CD (out this summer), but we're taking
a little break this week as My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult rolls
into our backyard (quite literally for Mindcage)...

Thur Feb 23 @ The Black Cat (mainstage)
Washington, DC
8:30 -

We go on early! So be sure to get there early!


Mindless Faith's song "Singular" is on the X-box 360 game Project
Gotham Racing 3, alongside Aphex Twin, Morrissey, New Order, Orbital,
and The Chemical Brothers! If you've seen the commercials on TV,
you know this game is pretty hot!

Here is the track listing for the Dark Electronic genre

This news is way over due! We have known since last spring but we
weren't allowed to tell until last November and here it is February!
Although if you have your ear to ground (or fiber) you read about
it in Virus Mag, Sideline, and other sources even before that.

However, by not telling until now, some fans were happily suprised
when they played the game and heard our track!



Mindless Faith vs Deliccato

Mindless Faith vs Deliccato - So Much For Salvation remix is now
available on the Darksonus Compilation out on Glitchmode Recordings
to support the website, show your support!

In Memory of Chris Muzykant

The day after meeting Trent Reznor in NYC, we learned that friend and
fellow electronic musician Chris Muzykant (aka d242) had passed away
that morning. We were HUGE fans of his various projects (with and
without Travis) under the Vektor7 label. In memorium, Travis has
agreed that we can give away the remix that he and Chris did of
Mindless Faith's "So Much for Salvation". Its actually 3 tracks
total. It unfornately never got released, until now...Chris we'll
miss you...

Be sure to also check out


Update on NIN - Only (Mindless Faith mix)

For those of you who have seriously asked when are we going on tour
with NIN, the headlines got your attention but you missed the full
story. It was prefaced with question marks because meeting NIN so
many times, it was funny that Trent himself was joking as if we were
on tour with him. But considering the recent supporting acts for
NIN, we don't expect that Mindless Faith or another dark electronic
act would be part of the line-up. Nevertheless, Trent loved the
Mindless Faith remix of "Only" and, based on all the emails and
postings, so have many of you. If you haven't heard the remix yet,
it's back online at


Nov 11 2005


Well, that's what Trent Reznor was asking...

Thanks to their blistering remix of the Nine Inch Nails track "Only", Metropolis Records recording artists Mindless Faith was backstage to meet Trent Reznor and the band at four consecutive NIN shows in November 2005! The meet and greets, along with free tickets and airplay of the remix, were all part of contests hosted by radio stations DC101 in Washington, DC; K-Rock in New York City; WYSP in Philadelphia, and 97.9X in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Interestingly enough, it was a NIN concert in December 1990 that was the catalyst for Mindless Faith co-founders Jason and Chris Sevanick to begin their own experiments in electronic music. "Some friends told me they sounded like Ministry," recalls Chris (aka Exeris), "So I went to the show, hearing Pretty Hate Machine for the first time on the way there." And a renovated warehouse in Pittsburgh called The Metropol was the
perfect venue for this first live "Industrial" experience.

Exeris/Chris, Trent Reznor, and Jason in NYC

Fast forward to 2005, with Mindless Faith now based in Washington, DC and New York City. On Halloween, the band found out they won the first remix contest when DC101 spun their mix on the air. Later that week at the show, Trent Reznor listened to the "Mindless Faith Mix" and was undoubtedly impressed. He told the band, "It's one of the best mixes I've heard and even better than some mixes I've paid for." He mentioned a potential "Best of the Best" remix album (either available through iTunes or as a CD release) and that if the release materializes, he would definitely want the "Mindless Faith Mix" of "Only" on it!

Mindcage, Trent Reznor, and Jason in DC

The next night at Madison Square Gardens in NY, Mindless Faith was again backstage. Surprised to see them a second time, Trent Reznor joked, "Wait, you won both DC and New York!?! Cool. So, are you guys on tour with us now? (laughter)"

Well, another two shows, and Mindless Faith just kept showing up. Mindless Faith passed along a copy of their latest CD, "Momentum", along with a CD-R of two NIN/MF remixes and some new demos. As talk during the fourth encounter moved towards live performances, gear, and mixing sound, Mindless Faith admitted that they're still just playing clubs and smaller venues, not arenas - to which Trent added with a smile, "Well, not yet."

Is this a sign of what's to come, "Only" time will tell...

To listen to or download the "Mindless Faith Mix" of NIN's "Only" goto

Mindless Faith's NIN Remixes Myspace page

(Note, the downloaded file will sound better).

     MINDLESS FAITH news Sept. 2005

Sep 07 2005

MINDLESS FAITH news September 2005 - Live in DC this Thur (9/8)! - MF vs. NIN - a hybrid remix - "Grains of Sound" - our new chillout project -------------------- Mindless Faith is in the studio, laying down tracks for a new full-length. But we're taking a little break to rock the Capital. So come out for a drink and hear some remixed favorites from "Momentum"! Sept. 8th - Washington, DC Alchemy @ Nation w/ The Last Dance and Bella Morte all-ages, doors at 8pm -------------------- "You Don't Know... The Hand That Feeds" Check out the remix mash-up between NIN's "The Hand That Feeds" and a new Mindless Faith track, "You Don't Know..."! -------------------- ...GRAINS OF SOUND... The new tripped-out, downtempo, chillout side-project of Mindless Faith...perfect for meditations, medications, or just drifting away. Initially called Mindbender, Grains of Sound is currently looking for label representation. Details on a forthcoming full-length will be sent as things materialize. In the meantime...

     MF live at SMack in NYC on Sat. June 4th!

May 31 2005

MINDLESS FAITH will perform live at:


Apr 30 2005

Check out the Media section: some cool MF wallpapers are available for download.

Go to Media->Wallpapers or click here.

     MINDLESS FAITH news April 2005

Apr 18 2005

-Live in NYC (4/22) and Baltimore (4/24)!
-MF T-shirts now for sale at Metropolis!
-remix work and new songs in progress!


The current Mindless Faith t-shirts (blade and
gear design by Raphrat) are almost out of print!

We have a couple left and will be selling them
at the shows this weekend.

The rest are available direct from Metropolis
Records retail website, order before they're gone!


Upcoming shows:

4/22 - New York, NY
NYC Industrial Festival 2 at RARE
18+, , Doors at 8pm, MF at midnight

4/24 - Baltimore, MD
Kommencement at Sonar
18+, doors at 9pm


Mindless Faith have also been busy in the studio!

In addition to getting the foundation for several
new MF tracks, remixes for Hypofixx and Cesium 137
have also been completed.

And a remix for a pop dance act is in the works?!?!?!

NOTE: We have received many requests for remixes
lately, however due to time constraints we can now
only do paid remix work, feel free to email if

     MINDLESS FAITH news Mar. 2005

Mar 30 2005

-Report on West Coast tour, see pics!
-Live in Philly (Fri. April 1), NYC, and Baltimore!
-new website! check it out -
-MOMENTUM cd retail sightings - Virgin in Times Sq.

Our West Coast tour rocked, here are some pics!

A big thank you to all the promoters and friends
who helped us out and to everyone who came out!!

SF, if you only knew how tired we were by then!!!


Upcoming shows:

4/01 - Philadelphia, PA
Shock Therapy at Tribecca Nightclub
21+, w/flyer, door, 10-3:30, MF at 1am

4/22 - New York, NY
NYC Industrial Festival 2 at RARE
18+, , Doors at 8pm, MF at ?midnight?

4/24 - Baltimore, MD
Kommencement at Sonar
18+, doors at 9pm


NEW MINDLESS FAITH website! Check it out!

Special thanks to Val and Thomas for their help!


Retail Sightings - What stores carry "MOMENTUM"?

I happened to walk into Virgin Megastore in Times Square
and they had 2 copies of Momentum and even a place holder
for Mindless Faith!

We often get asked which stores have our cds in stock.
Well, we actually don't know. So if you see our CD for
sale in a store, please email this list letting us know
what store, how many copies and what city, thanks!


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