"Album of the Month"
"An extremely diverse affair with an apocalyptic flair. 'Medication For The Misinformed" is a well-produced, varied and captivating work, which can and should be listened to from start to finish. A must-buy for fans of electro-guitar crossover." - Zillo Magazine

"Newcomer of the Month"
"... the Americans thoroughly dust off the coffer of electro and present with their latest work not the usual fare but a pile of multi-faceted compositions that will get many an electro fan's blood pumping." - Orkus Magazine

"Beautiful, forbiddingly menacing and nasty. Catchy and cross-grained. This release finds the US trio playing with the full range of musical expression. A candid style and an acute sense for how to craft a song from a conglomeration of sound makes 'Medication For The Misinformed' an outstanding album. 9/10." - Gothic Magazine

"... hard, icey, and deeply cynical lyrics, packaged in cutting edge, invidious industrial. 'Medication For The Misinformed' is an excellent work, hard, intelligent, and enthralling in typical American Industrial style, and one which is sure to win the hearts of the fans." -

"The whole thing is packged in a mix of ultra-modern with loads of crooked beats and not always simple rhythms. The typical EBM structures are nowhere to be found here. It's easy to think of the genre heros as sort of old-fashioned after listening to Mindless Faith. The genre will be looking for a new top dog, and here is a band clearly on their way to the top. If this album isn't a massive hit with the hard electro crowd, the end is truly nigh." -

"THE modern sound of Elektro/Industrial-Crossover! The new album rocks!" - elektrauma

"a musical shot in the arm, all power, fury, and drive:
the only medication you need!"-


"Possibly their best work to date, Mindless Faith steal the show with "Independence Day". Its rigid percussion hits like a clock work sledgehammer to the stomach, while fuzzy terse synths and clenched-jaw verses give way to a rousing chorus highlighted by guitar in a heroic display of power chords."
- review of Dependence Vol. 2 compliation, Side-Line #58, AprMayJun 2007

After a bit of a wait, Mindless Faith have come up to the plate with yet another stellar release to follow on the heels of their previous works, The Silence and Manifest Destiny. The artistry of this band is their ability to intertwine industrial elements with trance, EBM, rock, down-tempo and sizzling electronic stylization. Many have tried and most have failed but not so with Mindless Faith, a New York based underground band with a burgeoning following. The success of this outfit is due to the innate ability to stay fresh and vibrant all while keeping their finger on the pulsebeat of what the underground fans want to hear.
Lyrically, we are treated to a dark melange of songs ranging from existentialism such as Canaan, Momentum and So Much For Salvation to the throes of downtrodden lovelorn emotions as in This Is The Last Time, If Not Now, When? and Incubation.
13 tracks of pounding rhythm delivered with just enough sonic assault to make this one of the hottest releases to hit the underground club scene throughout the forthcoming Summer -

"Mindless Faith's 'Plaything' treats us to the down and dirty industrial fusion and rock elements that have begun to secure the band legions of fans. For an independent band, this group champions their gigs like consummate professionals and delivers the high octane energy in a live setting as well as on a recorded medium such as this." Starvox Review of "The Best of Gothic Radio"

"Manifest Destiny" & songs "All These Years" & "Candythoughts" were nominated in the Just Plain Folks 2001 Awards! Our CD was chosen from over 2,400 CDs and our two songs from over 35,000! "All These Years" received 3rd place for Industrial/Techno Song and "Manifest Destiny" got 4th place for Industrial/Techno Album For more info - Just Plain Folks Awards

We are the featured artist for the month of February 2002 at Check out the review, and feel free to leave feedback here: MurNet Forum. ( features Industrial Radio, News, Forums, etc.)

Gothic Beauty - "Mindless Faith waste no time with their first track 'Vultures', turning your world upside down as they hurdle you through the depths of dark and chaotic post-industrial soundscapes. You can almost imagine yourself caught in a post-apocalyptic landscape with Jasin and Chris Sevanick belting against the backdrop of wasted and desolated factories still churning and grinding, their giant metal cogs only to be commanded now by their music. Thirteen tracks are featured on this album with my favorite being 'Stars & Stripes & Satellites' with it's impressive build-up of chorus and beat. I can only imagine the energy produced from one of their live performances." - Constantine

Outburn Magazine (Issue #4) "5 out of 5!"

Side-Line Magazine "If you were going to buy one industrial CD this year, this is the CD you should invest your money in." - Issue #34

Bleeding Minds Zine - "MINDLESS FAITH are one of the most creative and intelligent industrial/EBM acts out there and this cd is proof of it...this release just plain kicks ass!!!"

Starvox E-zine "There is no shortage of excellent production quality and sound, nor creative style and talent to be found anywhere on this album..."

Starvox - Mindless Faith was chosen by two staff members for "The Staff's Top Ten of 2000" at

Wrapped In Wire - "Thirteen excellent tracks ranging from intense guitar driven heavy industrial rock to dark melodic electro industrial..." "Each song manages to sound different allowing them to all stand out on their own." Check out the full article here: Review

Legends Magazine - "An infectious, riveting ensemble of grungy guitars, impressive keyboard layouts and...the placement of such intricacies within the music that create a truly insurmountable sound experience" "It's DAMN good industrial"

Movement Magazine - "A good solid industrial album with the right combination of electronics and heavy guitar that is sure to appeal to industrial/metal fans"

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